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NAI Baltics in collaboration with OÜ NextRE announces for sale attractive large scale investment property in Chisinau, Moldova.

Investment property Chisinau Moldova

NAI Baltics in collaboration with NEXTRE OÜ is announcing for sale rare investment opportunity in Chisinau, Moldova- large scale development property.

Executive Summary:

  • 12 Hectares of private land and
  • 108 000 sq. meters of buildings of former  High-Tech factory.
  • LOCATION: City of Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

NEXTRE OÜ and NAI Baltics have been appointed by the Owner to organize and structure the sale of the large scale complex of real estate consisting of the land and vast number of former productions and Office facilities situated at 21 Moskovskiy Prosp., MD-2068, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova („The Property”).
The purpose of this memorandum is to assist the recipient in deciding whether to proceed with further analysis in this opportunity in accordance with the procedures described hereinafter.
It may not be distributed or reproduced without the express and prior consent of NEXTRE OÜ and NAI Baltics, nor used for any other purpose than the evaluation of the investment by the person whom this memorandum has been delivered.
Whilst the information provided herein is believed to be accurate and reliable, neither NEXTRE OÜ and NAI Baltics nor the Owner or its advisers do make any representation or warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy and completeness
of such information. Only those representations and warranties contained in a definitive purchase agreement shall have any legal effect.
Nothing within this memorandum is or should be relied upon as a promise or representation as to the future. There is no representation, warranty or other assurance that any of the projections will be realized.
Prospective buyers should conduct their own investigation and analysis of the Property.
In furnishing this memorandum, NEXTRE OÜ and NAI Baltics reserve the right to amend or replace the memorandum at any time and undertake no obligation to provide the recipient with access to any additional information.

Currently the Property is partly leased to the number of tenants for production and
office use, generating stable cash flow. Lease agreements shall be managed in accordance
with further development plans.

More detailed info is available upon request to the contact person below.

There is a brilliant up-side potential to increase Yield up to 9% within one year
after acquisition, by improving property management model thus enhancing rental
Further development potential:
Great opportunity to invest circa 100 M EUR (incl. acquisiton costs) into State of
the Art development project;
Estimated profit of the development (on the basis of 10 years cycle prior to EXIT)
will generate 12+% NET Yield yearly;
20%+ yearly Yield is expected if EXIT strategy is executed after 11th year.

This memorandum presents the unprecedented opportunity to invest into the large
scale former Hi –Tech production facility with excellent upscale development possibility.
The Property consists of two landplots and dosen of sizable former production and office
buildings of very high structural quality of the historically well-known micro-chip

Price tag expected by the Owner is 30 M EUR.
Excellently located strategically, only 10 minutes drive from the city center of
Chisinau, capital of the Republic of Moldova.
This highly visible, flexible, well maintained Property, equipped with appropriate infrastructure and utility connections offers the opportunity to realize an attractive investment project which shall include further large scale investment and development
opportunity into any extent of the following:

  • Option #1. Circa 80 000 m2 State of the Art retail park (can be combined with office
    park, and a group of hotel facilities and ample parking);
  • Option #2. Approximately 80 000 m2 contemporary office/techno park, co-
    working park combined with appropriate parking facilities;
  • Option #3. 80 000 - 100 000 m2 modern Hi-tech/production facilities.

Why to invest in Moldova?
Chisinau and Moldova in general should be considered as an emerging market with unique combination of well developed law and banking system with still immature banking, retail, office, and hotel market, offering great profit and return potential for the investors
who invest in the current market cycle.
Located in Eastern Europe, bordered by Romania and neighboring with Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Hungary to the west and Ukraine to the north, east, and south.
The capital city is Chisinau.

  • Population: 2 998 235;
  • Leading international trade partners: Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Italy, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus;
  • Close access to infrastructure of the European Union and existence of well developed transport means of communication distinguish unique starting platform for business.

This document is intended for indicative purposes only and may not be construed as contractual. All information contained in this document has been provided by NEXTRE OÜ and NAI Baltics who accepts no responsibility for its accuracy.
Verification of the information herein remains the responsibility of the purchaser. The Owner retains the right to modify the indicated conditions of sale or to withdraw the Property from sale at any time.
In the case of a material change in the information contained herein the proposed condition of sale may be varied.
The information contained herein is communicated on the understanding that it remains confidential. It may not be disclosed to any third party without prior written approval by the owner or NEXTRE OÜ and NAI Baltics.

Mr. Valdis Ligers LLB, MRICS
Managing Partner, Director Baltic Operations
NAI Baltics Ltd.
Facilitator International Projects
| +371 29473300 | info@naibaltics.com |

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